Paul Duncan

The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

duncan (dot) 1212 (at) osu (dot) edu

About Me

My research interests involve combining probability, combinatorics and topology. Recently, I have studied the topology of random cell complexes arising from percolation models. I recently finished my PhD at Ohio State under the supervision of Matthew Kahle. In the fall of 2022 I will be a postdoctoral researcher at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, mentored by Gil Kalai and Yuval Peled. My CV can be found here (updated 8/22).


Homological percolation on a torus: plaquettes and permutohedra (with Matt Kahle and Ben Schweinhart), submitted.

Understanding machine‐learned density functionals (with Li, Li, John C. Snyder, Isabelle M. Pelaschier, Jessica Huang, Uma‐Naresh Niranjan, Matthias Rupp, Klaus‐Robert Müller, and Kieron Burke) International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 116(11) (2016):

Pattern avoidance in ascent sequences (with Einar Steingrímsson), The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 18(1) (2011).